JayZMad Rhythms Magazine was a hip hop infused entertainment magazine published by College Entertainment, Inc from 1994 – 2000.


Founded by Writer/Entrepreneur Yasmin Shiraz, Mad Rhythms was circulated to over 100 colleges and had a network of college interns at 50+ campuses.


Every major hip hop artist in the 90’s was featured, reviewed, and/or mentioned in Mad Rhythms magazine.  And, every record label in the US  that was active in hip hop music advertised with Mad Rhythms during its heyday.

Yasmin Shiraz was practically a baby when she founded Mad Rhythms so she’s gone on to become a best selling author, an award winning screenwriter and film director as well as a screenwriter  and casting producer for TV. And, she ain’t even done.

If you wanna keep up with Yasmin Shiraz, check out her site, her tweets, or her facebook page.